Annual Report


Annual Report
                Here is a brief report on the activities and achievements of the Vidyalaya during this academic year.
               Kendriya Vidyalayas aim at nurturing the life skills among the children giving the main focus on the academics where excellence is the tradition. KV Malkapuram marched towards excellence in academics under the able guidance of the Chairman CmdeSR Kapoor. The Vidyalaya scored 100 % results in Class X , four students secured A1 grade in all subjects and 99 % in Class XII in the previous year 2010-2011with a high performance index..
              We are eagerly waiting for the CBSE results of the current year in which we are hopeful of getting 100 % Pass along with a high Performance Index. All efforts are made in this direction which include Timely coverage of the syllabus, regular tests & follow-up action, remedial teaching to the slow learners and regular interaction with the Parents.
               The competitive spirit is encouraged among the children by conducting various competitions in the school and also by sending outside. They participated in various competitions conducted by outside schools and also by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan at Regional and National level and brought laurels to the Vidyalaya. The students are trained to participate in Inter KV Social Science exhibition, Science Exhibition, Children’s Science Congress and Maths Olympiad. Five of the SocialScience Exhibits are selected for Regional level exhibition.
               KV Malkapuram is the oldest KV in Visakhapatnam and has a special place in the region. This Vidyalaya is made as incharge 11 Kendriaya Vidyalayas of the Visakhapatnam cluster to co-ordinate all academic and administrative works.
             We hosted Regional level Under-19 Cricket matches in the month of August in which 250 students participated from all over the state. Our students represented the Region in the National level Cricket match in KVS.
            The selected team was given intensive coaching and sent to KVS National Meet held at Patiala   in which they secured Gold medal.
              Our KV hosted the Prestigous Inservice training course for the post Graduate Teachers in Chemistry from 3rd May to 14th May and again from 23rd Dec to 1st Jan. 45 Post Graduate Teachers in Chemistry from all over the country participated. All the participants were highly enriched during the deliberations , guest lectures and interactive sessions.
              Regular Games and Sports   activities are given equal importance. Annual Sports Day was celebrated with pomp and show on 18th Nov 2011. Special coaching was given for 15 days in the summer vacation in Cricket, volley ball, basket ball and our teams participated in the inter KV tournaments at Regional level and won many medals.
              Teaching values and life skills are part of the curriculum. Integrity Club has been established which aims at nurturing values in the young minds. All important occasions like Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Vigilance Awareness Week, Republic Day, and Thinking Day are celebrated in the Vidyalaya highlighting the rich culture of our Nation.
             Selfless service is our motto. The Vidyalaya boasts of 25 % enrolment into the Bharat Scouts & Guide movement. Children starting from Std. III onwards participated enthusiastically in the Scout activities and competitions.                                                                                                                                       
             Guest lectures were given by eminent Persons in guidance and counseling and in Carrier Opportunities. 
           Thorough medical check-up has been done by the Medical team of INS Virbahu. I thank the team for the personal care taken by them in conducting the health check-up.
           Utmost care has been taken to improve the infrastructure of the Vidyalaya to provide congenial atmosphere. Chemistry lab is renovated. Secondary block was colour washed. Library has been expanded which has been a long pending work. All the toilets in the main block have been totally renovated. Garden has been developed. Annual maintenance of the Staff Quarters has been taken up .  
          The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan sanctioned 25 computers and a separate computer lab  with LAN and internet facility has been established in the Primary block. Students from Class I are enjoying the benefit of hands-on experience of the computers. The Vidyalaya launched its own website in which all the latest developments of the Vidyalaya are displayed. The website address is “”. The website will be updated by our own staff who are specially trained.                            
          All the children from Class III onwards are members of the project which is a web based communication programme founded by Oracle corporation. It gives the children an opportunity to interact with the student community from all over the world.
          Three rounds of Annual academic inspection and Audit inspection were conducted and both the teams expressed satisfaction about the conduct of the activities in the Vidyalaya.
          I hope that you will enjoy the cultural show and encourage the children.
          Thank You