Innovation & Experiment



1. Innovation & Experimentation Project NCERT-2013 – “Exploring creativity in young children” –in the process, to be sent before 31.12.2013

Mrs. Rekha Mittapalli, PRT

2. Innovation & Experimentation of KVS –“Pollution / Global Warming”

Team work (Teachers & Students) Mrs. L. Parvathi, PRT,

Mrs K. Padmalatha,PRT, &

Mrs. Rekha Mittapalli, PRT

3. Blog maintained for English, EVS & Hindi –



Mrs. Jyothi Singh, PRT

Students, teachers and parents

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Sl. No. Innovation & Experimentation Class & Subject Learning Objective initially envisaged Learning Objective realised or not Name of the Innovator/Experimenter with designation 
1 COMPREHENSION To develop reading habits and skills of comprehension YES Mrs. Jyothi Singh
English PRT